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I Cut My Own Hair And It Actually Looks Pretty Good

To bang or not to bang. That is the question.

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Wedge haircuts and straight bangs √° la your first grade self have been popular for a while now. While I envy the many Instagrammers who rock them, I don't have the bone structure of a pixie and therefore refuse to cut my hair shorter than my shoulders.

Recently, however, I've seen Sophia Amoruso, Liz Carey, Ariana Grande, and other long-haired-ladies start chopping bangs to match their flowy locks. So I suddenly realized, Wait a minute, I can do bangs!

This is where dilemma number two comes in. I just graduated from college and moved to one of the most expensive cities in the country. YA GIRL AIN'T GOT MONEY. So instead of waiting for a well-paying job and a day off to go to a salon, I decided to experiment.

I used this YouTube video as a guide (but got bored pretty quickly, fast-forwarded to the important parts, and then jumped into it). And I had a little documentation help from my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Emily Owart. Our pal Tavis was there too, Snapchatting and shrieking quietly each time I made a cut.

Things I used to cut my hair:

- A brush or comb, $5

- Hair-cutting scissors, I used Conair's $15 shears (but Sally Hansen has some for $5!)

- Trash bags for easy clean up, $5 if you get the tiny box

- Friends for documentation/moral support

- PATIENCE and a steady hand

Final cuts - to add a more natural, less choppy look, do some light vertical snipping (see video if you're confused). And chop some longer wispy bits on the side if you're feelin' it! These look great when they fall out of your ponytail.

The Final Verdict:

I'm a fan! I haven't had bangs like this since elementary school, but I love the way they cover up my fivehead and frame my eyes. They even sweep to the side if I get annoyed with them! So ~versatile~.

After this experiment, I may never go to a salon again! Except to experience one of those fab shampoo massages because I cannot figure out how to make my scalp feel that tingly at home. Okay, who am I kidding, of course I'm going to go to salons once I can afford it!

But I still say that if you think you can do it, cut your hair yourself! Why not! Just make sure to proceed with caution, watch some tutorials, and only cut off a bit at a time. Slow and steady wins the haircut selfie. And asking friends for help doesn't hurt.

Finally, don't forget to wash and dry your shears after using, and save them for next time! Especially with straight-across bangs, you'll want to trim them regularly to keep them out of your eyes. Fifteen dollars isn't bad when you can keep those things for infinite future haircuts.

Good luck, thrifty babes! Send me your results! Bang at your own risk! Don't bang and drive! And don't tell your mother I told you to do this!

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