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29 Reasons Britney Spears Was The Queen Of Music Videos

Look, we all have our opinions about "Work Bitch," but there's no denying that golden age Britney was a force in music video spectacularity. From her debut to "In the Zone" Britney brought music video art to a whole new level.

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1. First things first, Britney took the schoolgirl outfit, the symbol of sexual perfection to grown adult men everywhere, and made it HERS.


Just try dressing as a sexy schoolgirl for Halloween (JK, please don't). People are going to instantly ask you if you are trying to be Britney Spears.

2. She rocked the sweatpants like nobody's business.


Like, for real, she's the reason you thought sweatpants and a sports bra were a good gym look. Whatever, wear what you want to the gym... don't tell people how to live their life.

13. She combined the mystery of space with the allure of "Titanic."

Also, can we just talk about how the "Aww, you shouldn't have" that follows the astronaut saying he got a necklace from the bottom of the ocean is maybe her finest acting ever. She DOES NOT care about that necklace, astronaut Mike Dexter!

29. She super strategically used that kabbalah bracelet.

OK, so I guess the story is supposed to be that one of those photographers hit her head (or you know, some of that broken glass did). However, when we initially saw the red bracelet on her wrist, didn't we all believe something else had gone down? Just me then? Hmm...

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