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19 Lyrics That Gave You Unrealistic Expectations About Love

Now you consider yourself older and wiser. However, you heard these songs at an impressionable age and now you can't help but swoon at each word.

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2. "Hands Down" -- Dashboard Confessional


“My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me

So won't you kill me

So I die happy

My heart is yours to fill or burst

To break or bury

Or wear as jewelry, whichever you prefer”

3. "Konstantine" -- Something Corporate


"This is because I can spell confusion with a 'k'

And I can like it

It's to dying in another's arms

And why I had to try it

It's to Jimmy Eat World and those nights in my car

When the first star you see may not be a star

I'm not your star

Isn't that what you said

What you thought this song meant?"

7. "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" -- Death Cab For Cutie


"If Heaven and Hell decide

That they both are satisfied

Illuminate the 'No''s on their vacancy signs

If there's no one beside you

When your soul embarks

Then I will follow you into the dark.”

12. "Ocean Avenue" -- Yellowcard


"If I could you find now things would get better

We could leave this town and run forever

I know somewhere, somehow we'll be together

Let your waves crash down on me

And take me away, yeah."

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