Why I Should Be The Next DIY Intern.

I have a 6th sense for style and a natural understanding of what is cool, and interesting and worth repeating.

1. Aesthetics and Design

I made these, from tiny flakes of mica and twigs.


I made this too. (entirely from old books.)


And this as well.

4. DIY Expert

Hired by Bloomingdales as a DIY expert.

5. The Island Rag

I started my own weekly newspaper on Shelter Island last summer. Each issue was three pages long and handwritten. All with a feature story, local history, some gossip, and an events calendar. My main goal was to make people laugh.

7. I cant get enough.

Tumblr, Esty, Pinterest… This is what I spend all day doing anyway.

8. Pick Me

Pick WIN!

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