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    Jul 30, 2015

    Proof That We Are All Sheeple That Blindly "Like" Engagement Photos

    A brave comedian has come forth to show you the light.

    Like every other twenty- or thirtysomething, comedian Zach Broussard's Facebook feed is filled with people getting engaged.

    To be more specific, his social feed is filled with people bragging about getting engaged.

    So Zach invited his REAL girlfriend of four years, Mary, to a picnic.

    And had an actor propose to her for likes on social media.


    All of Mary's Facebook "friends" came out of the woodwork to show their support.


    It didn't stop there. Zach had friends post all sorts of fake proposals. Without fail, the likes came rolling in.

    This proposal got 871 likes on Instagram. People LOVE engagements!

    Even suspicious friends gave up their likes and comments. This is a surefire way to win on social media.


    Besides showing you how mindlessly we like proposal photos, Zach hopes you can take away another lesson from his experiment:

    Tag fake proposal videos with #proposd. You can always explain it to your parents later.

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