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17 Of The Most Hilarious Amazon Reviews Of 2015

We all make mistakes.

1. Anything for national security:

2. When things don't look like what you imagined:

3. When random pills have many cures:

4. When it's not FIFA:

5. Seriously fuck Gary tho:

6. When reading the description is too hard:

7. "Minesweeper is a great game":

8. When you're disappointed because what you bought is just crap for murder:

9. When you need your son to remain pure for the Lord:

10. "If you're a blind person this product is a must. No more checking the TP cause you know the poo is gone":

11. When you buy a TV for over $68,000, there will be consequences:

12. When you love a little too hard:

13. When you miss the point of adding an image in a review:

14. When your new Amazon purchase accidentally kills your pet:

15. When music is so good it leads to addiction:

16. When it's the small things that give you the greatest joy:

17. When you never tested the item because your house burned down with it in it, so at least you can say it burns: