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25 Things You Won't Believe People Tried To Sneak On Planes

Thank you, TSA.

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1. Give your ammunition a feminine touch with this lipstick gun.

2. Thank you for smoking stun guns cigarettes.

3. Knife comb, perfect for your next bad hair day.

4. Human skull for science I promise!

5. A chihuahua became a stowaway when he just couldn't part from his owner.

6. Batarangs for "cool" nerds.

7. Would you prefer New England Clam Chowder or California Tomato Soup and Weed?

8. This cell phone stun gun probably caught the TSA agent's eye because WHO DOESN'T HAVE A SMART PHONE IT'S 2015 COME NOW!


10. Trojan horse fireworks: Hey, the Greeks made it work, why not you?

11. Choosy moms choose peanut butter marijuana edibles.

12. One guy shoved seven snakes (and three turtles) down his pants. Uh, compensating for something?

13. Mickey Mouse firearms: Aw shucks, they found my gun.

14. Acetaminophen knife: Talk about a head-splitting migraine.

15. Brush dagger: situation could have gotten hairy.

16. From the lightning bolts of Zeus to the bullets of the Bible.

17. Scooby don't--not with the razor blade--

18. Proof that the pen is mightier than the sword.

19. Sword cane will make you think twice before you mess with the AARP.

20. Go old school with this medieval mace.

21. The only lipstick for that deep, blood-red color--

22. Marijuana battery: keeps your going and going and going...

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23. This blade buckle with skull and cross bones was probably borrowed from a generically evil villain.

TSA / Via

24. Next time you think about giving out fake TNT as a wedding souvenir, please consider your guests. They might shut down the airport for two hours while security figures out WTF this is (bath salts).

25. Remember, birds can fly on their own. They don't need your help.

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