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    17 Tweets About Babysitting That Will Make You Bust Out Laughing

    At least you knew not to literally sit on the kid.

    1. Babysitting means teaching lessons.

    Asked the 7 yr old I babysit if she wanted to read a book and she screamed back NO MEANS NO so I feel overall I’m doing a great job here.

    2. You think about raising your own kids.

    Time to babysit- please pray my uterus doesn't get too drunk off the experience and make bad choices later

    3. Kids like it better when you talk to them like an adult.

    The 6 yr old I babysit asks, ‘How do we know for sure life really isn’t a dream?’ Armed with my handy Philosophy degree, I reply ‘We don’t.’

    4. Love is being listened to FOR ONCE.

    here's my favorite valentine's day card. from a kid i used to babysit

    5. Kids remind you how far you've come in life.

    I asked the girl I babysit for what I should be when I grow up and she said "'re already up". LOVE MY LYFE

    6. Kids can remind you that there's so much good in the world.

    the kids I babysit are so sweet & good that I'm feeling like maybe I made a mistake breaking up with everyone I've ever dated after 3 months

    7. But also that you are really bad at being a grown-up.

    just couldn't give the girls i babysit their vitamins because i couldn't open the childproof top and i should 100% be fired

    8. Kids can also be your cruelest critics.

    The three year old I babysit wants my elmo impression to come from a more organic place.

    9. I know I said to treat them like adults, but don't actually do that.

    Maybe next time show your 4 year old "2 Girls 1 Cup" BEFORE I'm asked to babysit her!

    10. They're tiny adults. They're very confusing.

    When you're trying to babysit but even snapchat doesn't understand children sometimes.

    11. Their personalities aren't fully formed — it's kind of like a blank slate onto which you can paint your dreams.

    As you can see I only let the kids I babysit wear the latest fashions

    12. Just make sure it's paint, not blood.

    The amount of blood that's "too much" to have on your shirt when going to babysit is any, apparently.

    13. Don't forget to teach the kids important lessons.

    When I babysit I always give the kids tap water to toughen them up.

    14. You can use babysitting to learn about yourself.

    Prior to finding others during hide and seek, i like to use my 20 seconds of counting to find myself What do u mean i cant babysit anymore

    15. Always remember entertainment, preferably on a screen.

    How did people babysit before tablets?

    16. Can a baby sit another baby?

    I still cant get the cereal to milk ratio right, please don't ask me to babysit

    17. In the end, babysitting is totally worth it (because you get to eat kid's food).

    The only reason I still babysit for these insane kids is because they always have so many different kinds of cereal.

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