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Scottish Dog Steals Tractor, Is Cooler Than You

Your dog has probably heard the news about Don the Collie, the dog who took a tractor on a joyride in Scotland.

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As you can see, Don's owner couldn't satisfy him with the mad velocity he craved. And when you're bitten by the speed bug, there's only one cure.

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As his buzzkill of an owner tended sheep, Don the collie leaned on the tractor's gas for a ruff ride...

Don the Collie back in the passenger seat ready for the next trip to the field! Hear how he stopped traffic #RepScot


Don was safe for now... But it's only a matter of time before, like the rest of us dogs, he gets restless moving on all fours.

Went to see a man about a dog today: DON THE TRACTOR-DRIVING COLLIE 🐢🚜