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Scottish Dog Steals Tractor, Is Cooler Than You

Your dog has probably heard the news about Don the Collie, the dog who took a tractor on a joyride in Scotland.

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Don the collie lives a happy, bucolic life on a Scotland farm β€” or so his owner thought. Turns out, Don's got the need for speed.

SWNS / Mark Sutherland

As you can see, Don's owner couldn't satisfy him with the mad velocity he craved. And when you're bitten by the speed bug, there's only one cure.

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SWNS / Mark Sutherland

As his buzzkill of an owner tended sheep, Don the collie leaned on the tractor's gas for a ruff ride...

Don the Collie back in the passenger seat ready for the next trip to the field! Hear how he stopped traffic #RepScot

His joyride took him through a fence (sick!) and onto the highway (whoa!) before hitting a median and causing an unexpected paws in traffic on the M74.

SWNS / Mark Sutherland

Don was safe for now... But it's only a matter of time before, like the rest of us dogs, he gets restless moving on all fours.

Went to see a man about a dog today: DON THE TRACTOR-DRIVING COLLIE 🐢🚜

Dogs everywhere have that need for speed, and it's obvious why.

Wheels make you faster than humans, which gives you mad power. Dope.

Getting some air on the halfpipe. Living out your dog dream.

tumblr / Via

When you're flying this fast, the only thing worth stopping for is a kiss from a hot babe.

tumblr / Via

Sometimes you just gotta feel the wind in your fur.

Discovery / Via

Or maybe the wind in your teeth.

reddit / Via

Four wheels > four paws. No doubt.

Barkpost / Via

The Fast and the Furriest.

SWNS / Mark Sutherland

With all this street cred, you can just lie back and wait for the bitches to come crawling.

Dog on wheels: the thrill that stands the test of time.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

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