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    16 Things To Do With The Tears You Cried While Listening To Adele's 25

    You listened to Adele. You cried. Here's what to do with those tears.

    1. Freeze the tears and make homemade ice cream:

    Fotocuisinette / Getty Images

    2. Go for a swim:

    Antonioguillem / Getty Images

    3. Adopt a fish:

    Koray Hoylu / Getty Images

    4. Bathe yourself in tears:

    Jaclyn Burke / Getty Images

    5. Make a homemade Slip ’N Slide:

    Brian Mcentire / Getty Images

    6. Sprinkle them in sunshine and make a rainbow:

    Plazaccameraman / Getty Images

    7. Add lemons and sugar -- yum!

    Tanjichica7 / Getty Images

    8. Water your sad plants:

    Amenic181 / Getty Images

    9. Paint something depressing with watercolors:

    Elizavetalarionova / Getty Images

    10. Make easy macaroni and cheese:


    11. Use water to make a dump cake:

    As Seen On TV / Via

    12. Pour the tears on your shirt and start a wet T-shirt contest:

    Rick Gershon / Getty Images

    13. Pickle some cucumbers:

    Msk.nina / Getty Images

    14. Dump the tears on your hair and do the Ariel head flip:


    15. Use as a free personal lubricant:

    16. Make them holy tears to exorcise your inner demons:

    Warner Bros.

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