23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Go To The Dog Park

    These things happen every day. Unless you are a dog whisperer. Then please disregard this list.

    1. One second off the leash and your dog's like FREEDOM!!!

    2. Your dog finally gets tired enough to let you do this to him.

    3. Butts butts butts butts butts butts--

    4. --dog butts, human butts!

    5. Your dog acts like he saw this...

    6. When he probably just saw this.

    7. Your dog can't find the stick that's RIGHT THERE.

    8. Your dog finds a stick way too big for its body.

    9. You realize your dog has become the Sansa of the dog pool.

    10. There's a surprisingly ferocious small dog.

    11. Your dog finally comes when you call and your heart swells.

    12. No matter how good your dog is, there's always another that's far more impressive.

    13. Now that dog's just showing off.

    14. You're not sure if your dog made a friend or an enemy.

    15. Your dog almost sells you on running being fun.

    16. Your dog wants the ball, but another dog wants it more.

    17. OMG the gang is finally back together.

    18. A child appears and you get super nervous.

    19. Another dog intercepts your dog's treat.

    20. So your dog steals all of theirs.

    21. Random dogs try to jump on you.

    22. There's an asshole who brought his cat to the dog park.

    23. You witness an owner leaving his dog's poop and you dream of doing this:

    24. You're ready to go, but your dog refuses to leave.