Here Are The Real, Truly Weird Origins Behind Wedding Traditions

    Here's a hint: Our ancestors were VERY afraid of evil and VERY into kidnapping.

    Hi. My name's Sarah, and I just got engaged.

    I dove headfirst into wedding planning only to find myself painfully unprepared. But to be fair, I've never hosted an event for 150 people before.

    I was behind my peers in other ways. I didn't have a Pinterest board with my dream wedding details. I had no idea what I actually wanted. My parents were laissez-faire about the ceremony, so I knew I had free rein to do what I wanted. But what did I want? What traditions and rituals should I include?

    So I decided to do a little research.

    Where did all of these wedding traditions come from? When did they start? Why did they start?

    Oh my, how little did I know.

    Why Do Weddings Have So Many Traditions?

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    1. The Origins of Bridesmaids

    Which one is the bride? If you can't tell, neither can Satan.

    2. The Origin of the Best Man

    3. The Origin of the White Dress

    So why the white dress? Enter Queen Victoria.

    4. The Origin of the Bridal Bouquet

    5. The Origin of the Bridal Veil

    6. The Origin of the Honeymoon

    7. The Origin of Wedding Rings

    Historically, the bride’s ring was also meant to signify ownership.

    8. The Origin of the Father Walking The Bride Down the Aisle

    9. The Origin of the First Look

    10. The Origin Of Carrying the Bride Across the Threshold

    11. The Origin of the First Kiss