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"What Does The Fox Say" Duo Skewers Pentatonix And A Capella

♪♪Look on your face like you know Jesus personally♪♪

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Pentatonix fans rejoice: Ylvis, the Norwegian comedic duo consisting of brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, has come out with the parody of your dreams.

In case you forgot, Ylvis is the group that came out with the megahit "What Does The Fox Say?"

After a boy is bullied at school, the a cappella group appears to help him fight against his bullies. On the way there, they also sing-explain some stereotypes of the genre.

TVNorge / Via

It's important to know how to look if you're going to try this a cappella thing.

TVNorge / Via

Ylvis reveals the true meaning behind those nonsense words a cappella groups always sing, like "Boodelooap":

TVNorge / Via

Soon the bullies reappear and the a cappella group scares them away with song.

Amazing. The power of a cappella. Watch the whole song here:

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