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    The Myth Of The Hymen And Virginity Gets Busted On "Adam Ruins Everything"

    "[The hymen myth] is just something we made up to be mean to women. You know, like Entourage."

    Many people incorrectly believe that the intact hymen is a way to prove virginity. They think it's barrier that is broken during a female's first time having sex.

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    But as Emily from Adam Ruins Everything explains, that is all a pile of stinking bullshit.

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    Hymens can tear from sex, but it's just as likely it will tear from something else. Sexually active girls can have intact hymens, and hymens can also heal!

    Seriously, just LOOK at all these different types of hymens. THERE ARE SO MANY.

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    If you didn't know this, don't feel bad, because there's a lot of misinformation out there.

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    This myth, which is still propagated by the media, is nothing but harmful to women.

    In countries like Indonesia, Egypt, and Afghanistan, some women must submit to government-mandated virginity tests by showing their intact hymen.

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    It's upsetting, and it's certainly enough to make us all womb-furious.


    The simple truth is this: the hymen as we know it is a fabrication.

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    Watch the whole thing here:

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