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    Samantha Bee Created A Rape Threatline For Trolls And It's Genius

    Bee's bravely created a safe space for trolls to call and spew hatred.

    Greetings trolls. Samantha Bee's here and she's gonna EAT YOU ALIVE.

    Samantha Bee's late night show "Full Frontal" might not premiere until February, but she's already getting lots of troll hate coming her way.

    But on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Bee announced that she knew how to handle them. She started a rape threatline just for trolls:

    If you dial that number, this is what you hear:

    Samantha Bee / Via 1-844-4-TROLLZ

    "Hello you have reached the Samantha Bee Rape Threatline. Nobody's here to answer your call, but your offer of non-consensual sex is important to us, so please select from the following menu. To tell me I'm a dumb bitch that needs to be raped, press 1. To tell me you're going to violate every hole in my idiot libtard body, press 2. To tell me that you're going to do it slowly and painfully, but that a slut like me will probably like it, press 3. To tell me you wouldn't even rape me because of how old and disgusting I am, press 4. Or To simply shriek the word rape repeatedly, press 5. For all other menacing remarks meant to intimidate me through the threat of sexual violence, press 0. Thank you for your call."

    Thank you, Samantha Bee.