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23 Dumb Obvious Truths You Shouldn't Share In Your Job Interview

Little to no job experience? While these may be real skills, none of them will help you get a job. Not at all.

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1. I can communicate without saying a word.

2. I'm very efficient — I know all of my angles.

3. Follow directions? Yeah, of course I follow One Direction.

4. After I inhale, I always exhale.

5. In a mere 15 years, I doubled in size.

6. I'm extremely consistent in my lateness.

7. I've got great foresight — I correctly guessed who the last three Bachelors would propose to.

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8. When I use the toilet, I almost always make it all inside.

9. I'm a bad liar. That's good, right?

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10. Ever since I was young, I've had a natural talent for eating.

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11. Honestly, I'll do anything for free food.

12. I'm so dedicated to sleeping that I do it any extra second I can find.

13. I don't take crap from anyone or anything.

14. I'm willing to try anything once.

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15. I'm not afraid to let a co-worker know if they're improperly dressed.

16. I always gracefully recover from my mistakes.

17. Did I mention how good I am at sleeping?

18. I'm not easily distracted or anyth— wait, is that Rhonda? Hey Rhonda!

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19. I have over 20 years' experience consistently producing poop.

20. Do I work well with others? Yeah...

21. Do you have scheduled bathroom breaks here or...?

22. Where do I see myself in five years?

23. Did you see on my resume where it says "excels at sleeping"?

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