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Moms Are Making Umbilical Cord Art And I Just Wanted You To Be Aware

Ummmmm...bilical? Warning: Literal photos of umbilical cords ahead.

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Move over placentas, because there's a new afterbirth in town: the umbilical cord.

And this time, we're not eating it — we're making art with it.

"Love" is one of the most popular choices for umbilical cord design.

Instagram: @blissfulwomb

But the umbilical cord heart is also very common.

Instagram: @nattyeeele

Really you can make all sorts of shapes.

Instagram: @placenta_love

You can add umbilical cords to your dream catcher to make them even more useful.

Instagram: @saskia_vaga

Or you can keep it simple with a circle of life.

Instagram: @thrivebirthservicesofdelmarva

You start creating the design when the umbilical cord is fresh, and then you let it dry out by baking it at a low heat.

Instagram: @theplacentahacienda

Once the keepsake is complete, you can share the photos on social media.

Instagram: @alicjacrumbs

Then everyone else can see it, feel feelings, and like/comment/unfollow.

Instagram: @noided

This is happening and I'm just reporting it.

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