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Posted on Oct 13, 2015

A Pigeon Ate A Rat Just Like That Other Rat Ate A Pizza

There can only be one famous rat.

This rat vs. pigeon fight may have been around since 2014, but today the video has found new notoriety after the Daily Mail posted it.

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First, the rat pins the pigeon and gets him in a chokehold.

Then the pigeon breaks the hold and attempts to escape...

Only to get captured again. It's honestly very hard to watch.

People can't get over it.

NYC rat kills pigeon on video. This is my pizza rat. Pigeon murder is my pizza.

Dnt like rats but pigeons my numbr 1 enemy, so s/o 2 dat rat for killin dat pigeon in broad daylight in front of da world

after seeing a video of a rat hunting down a pigeon in NYC then eating it i think I have now seen everything on the Internet

But the people are divided as to whether the prequel surpasses the original.

Pigeon Rat is not as cute at the pizza rats

The Pigeon Vs Rat video blows Pizza Rat out of the water.

My Pigeon Rat costume is gonna get a lot more attention than your Pizza Rat costume

Please, God, save us.

  1. Who would win in a brawl? Pizza rat or pigeon rat? WHO IS THE RAT KING?

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Who would win in a brawl? Pizza rat or pigeon rat? WHO IS THE RAT KING?
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