I Wore Buttcrack Jeans For A Day And Here's What Happened

    Mom jeans in the front, crack in the back.

    My coworker Taylor first brought these $60 jeans to my attention. Naturally, I immediately purchased them. I love weird jeans.

    The jeans are high-waisted, so the open skin is actually just your lower back. You buttcrack is covered. The jeans simply give the illusion of a really high buttcrack, which is a look that is VERY in right now. I assume.

    The front looked normal, like I was just a hipster wearing mom jeans. But in the back... there was a lot of crack.

    So I went out and asked the good people of NYC to tell me if they thought these buttcrack jeans were cool. Here's what they said:

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    I ended up feeling the way I can only imagine a plumber feels. My crack is out, but I don't care. I don't have to look at it -- you do. Deal with it.

    I don't have a lower back tattoo to show off, so I probably won't continue wearing these jeans as is.