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You Can Officially Make It Through A Whole Day With Just Star Wars Merch

How to eat, sleep, breathe, and poop Star Wars.

1. Your alarm goes off. It's time to wake up.

If you're on the light side, it's 12:38 p.m. If you're on the dark side, you're getting up at 4:06 a.m, you goddamn monster.

2. You get out of bed and blow your nose.

3. Brush yo teeth.

4. You get dressed.

5. You put on your makeup:

6. Or you shave your face:

7. You're running a little late for work/school/whatever. So you quickly make some coffee.

8. Toast some bread.

9. And grab some yogurt or cereal.

10. Jump into your car and head to work.

Dodge / Via

11. Once there, you get to work on your computer, doing work things.

12. And when you need a distraction, there's plenty around your desk.

13. It's lunchtime. Soup?


14. Some oranges or apples?

15. And of course, you'll need some water.

Twitter: @rockylogy

Dark-sided water.

16. Get back to work, make a few calls.

17. Go to a meeting, take a few notes, file away some stuff.

18. Ugh, work is hard! So it's time for a snack.

19. Oh no, you feel that? It's time for your afternoon bathroom break.

20. A few hours pass and work's finally over. So you toss back some gum and head out.

21.'s cold out. So you put on a coat.

22. You consider eating dinner in...

23. But ultimately you decide to eat out.

Like at the Disneyland cafeteria or the French fast-food restaurant Quick.

24. Leaving the restaurant, you realize it has started to rain. NBD. You whip out your umbrella and head home.

25. Don't worry, the night is still young. You're just gonna hang in tonight, eat ice cream...

26. ...and then whip out the one Star Wars thing you can no longer buy: the original, unaltered trilogy. #figures #ThanksGeorgeLucas