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27 Reasons Miss Piggy Is The Ultimate Feminist Icon

"Who, moi?"

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1. Miss Piggy was one of the first women to run for president.


5. In the 1980s, Miss Piggy became a gay icon, especially for drag queens. She's a woman that swaps extreme femininity and masculinity with ease. Frank Oz once described her as a “truck driver that wants to be a woman.”

7. She doesn't wait around for some man to save her.

8. She's big, bold, loud, and doesn't give two piggy poop balls what you think of her.

9. Miss Piggy knows how to lean in.


11. Although she is glam all the way, you can't buy her love with diamonds.

12. Miss Piggy doesn't need a man (or frog) to carry her bags.


23. Miss Piggy doesn't doubt herself or her scent. That's why she has her own perfume called "Moi."

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25. At 42, Piggy can still land leading roles on prime-time. The Muppets are returning to ABC this fall for a new adult-oriented show.

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27. Miss Piggy does NOT put up with catcallers.


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