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    People Can't Believe Moaning Myrtle's Real Name Is Myrtle Elizabeth Warren, Like The Senator

    No wonder she hates the pure-blooded one-percenters.

    As millions of fans eagerly devour Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, which was released on July 31, many of the American readers are making a STARTLING discovery:


    Jenny Chang / Warner Bros. Pictures / AP / BuzzFeed

    Moaning Myrtle's full name is Myrtle Elizabeth Warren.

    911 Moaning Myrtle's name is Elizabeth Warren

    Senator Elizabeth Warren, once considered a contender for the Democratic VP nod, is likely pretty pumped about the name drop.

    Nick Wass / AP

    After all, she's definitely a Potterhead:

    Looking for a Defense Against the Dark Arts prof, @jk_rowling? Where do I apply? Trump, Death Eaters - I got this!

    Although the excerpt from Cursed Child is the first time we've seen the full name on paper, die-hard fans know that J.K. actually revealed Myrtle's full name in a tweet last year.

    .@HotmHayles @lankytwat Moaning Myrtle's full name was Myrtle Elizabeth Warren.

    She also clarified that Myrtle is NOT named after Elizabeth Warren.

    Nothing to do with the United States Elizabeth Warren I hasten to add! 'Elizabeth' is just one of those classic British middle names.

    Don't be sad... you can always write your own Harry Potter/C-SPAN cross fic.

    Warner Bros Pictures

    Long live ghost Senator Warren.

    Jenny Chang / Warner Bros. Pictures / AP / BuzzFeed

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