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    11 Halloween Stories Of People Getting So Embarrassed It Hurts

    There's nothing more horrifying than being embarrassed in front of your peers.

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their worst, most embarrassing Halloween secrets. Here are some of the scariest stories we heard!

    1. The Smelly Boobs

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    "I dressed up as Dolly Parton when I was in 4th grade. I stuffed a bunch of my dad's socks into my mom's bra to create the boobs I didn't have yet. The costume was AWESOME! Until I was sitting in class and started smelling something gross. Turns out, one of our cats had gotten into my dad's sock drawer and peed on at least one of the socks I was using. I took the sock out and evened my chest up, but I was still so embarrassed... Damn cats...."

    —Kendra Langworthy, Facebook

    2. The Missing Makeup

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    "When I was 15 I went out with a group of friends to a Halloween party. There was this guy I kind of liked, but being a teenager I was embarrassed to admit it. He had dressed as the Crow, with white makeup all over his face, I was something generic that didn't involve makeup. We flirted and wound up making out in the back seat on the way to the party.

    "When we got there, people kept looking at me, asking what I was supposed to be, kind of confused. I didn't get it until I went to the bathroom and saw in the mirror that all around my mouth and chin were completely white. I went and found the guy and saw that he had awesome face paint, except for this big circle around his mouth that was totally bare. There was no way anyone who saw the two of us together didn't get exactly how that happened. That was pretty embarrassing."

    —Amy Laurel, Facebook

    3. The Bloody Unicorn


    "I was lucky enough to get my first ever period on Halloween. 12-year-old me was quite surprised when blood started running down the legs of her homemade unicorn costume. On the bright side, all of the chocolate came in handy over the next couple of days. :)"

    —Chloe Kent, Facebook

    4. The Costume Swap

    Aleksei Lazukov / Getty Images

    "I got into a drunken fist fight with another chick over the only bed left at the house where we were partying. I ended up waking up in the same bed as her, and we were in each other’s costumes (including each other’s corsets!!). Not quite sure what happened between the fight and waking up…"


    5. The Poop Princess

    Champja / Getty Images

    "When my best friend was in kindergarten, she wore this all white ice princess dress for Halloween to school, and they were going to parade around the school.

    "Well, she had diarrhea that day.

    "And she thought it would be safe to let out a little fart in the middle of class, which in fact turned out to NOT be a fart. She stood up and hopped to the front of the line. Her teacher didn’t notice the huge brown spot until they got back to the classroom after the parade."


    6. The Don't Want None Unless You Got Buns, Hun

    Def American

    "Last Halloween I went to school in leggings that highlighted my rather large butt and a 'belt' that I fashioned out of different kinds of buns. I put my hair in buns and wore all types of bun-themed things. I topped this look off with a sign that read 'LOOKING 4 ANACONDA' that I taped to my chest.

    "Then I got to math class and my elderly teacher looks at me and goes, 'Oh, that’s new! So many buns! What does it mean? What’s an anaconda in this context?'

    "I’ve never blushed so hard in my life! The rest of the class just sat there and giggled as I tried to explain that it’s a euphemism for a really big penis with a preference for big butts."


    7. The Nose Attack!4259!3!93424912622!!!s!196797781765!&ef_id=VTa5CAAABeKZQiEz:20161010195830:s

    "As a child, I dressed as a witch, complete with fake plastic witch nose. The elastic that held the nose around my head broke, but my dad said to just stick it on and it would hold. It did, for a while. Then, I rang a doorbell, and when the lady answered, I sneezed and my fake witch nose came flying off and hit her! Mortified."


    8. The Playboy Bunny

    Comedy Central

    "I was a Playboy bunny during Halloween and went out to a local college bar. My outfit consisted of bunny ears, white suit jacket, and boxer shorts. I got drunk and my favorite song came on, so I decided to drop it like it’s hot. Unknown to me something else dropped: my balls. My friends were in horror as I flashed them my testes. Now everyone on campus knows what they look like."


    9. The Cop Costume

    David Hiller / Getty Images

    "We were in line for a haunted house next to this family dressed as cops. The costumes were really well done and looked real. When I was talking to the dad of the family I reached toward his belt toward what I thought was a toy gun, saying 'Where did you get this?'

    "What I didn’t know was that the dad was an ACTUAL COP with and ACTUAL GUN and he put me into a very real (and painful) arm bar type hold. He just laughed and said, 'Son, if I didn’t know you legitimately thought this was a costume, you’d be in big trouble right now,' and let me go. Needless to say, that’s pretty much all my friends decided to tell the rest of our 8th grade class the next day at school."


    10. The Seated Clown

    Leanne Mccament / Getty Images

    "When I was 5 years old, I was trick or treating with my friends and I saw a clown sitting in a chair. I thought it was fake, so I kicked it and next thing I knew I was halfway down the street running and screaming because it started chasing after me!"


    11. The Scariest Date

    Georgerudy / Getty Images

    "One Halloween, my then-boyfriend and I were supposed to watch scary movies together at my place. When he got there, he broke up with me instead."

    —Katie Smyth, Facebook

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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