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23 Dogs That Deserve An Award For Putting Up With You

You humans are full of shit.

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1. "Just. Let. Me. Eat. The. Damn. Food."

japanese_kari / Via

2. "You really think I'm gonna play tennis and water plants? Bullshit."

lisettesontwerpstudio / Via

3. "Most magical place in the world my ass."

wallyt_loves_evab / Via

4. "Human, get me out of this box."

chassis_monroe_tig / Via

5. "Stop woofing at me. You ain't a dog."

sweetlunalunatic / Via


nathan_wicker / Via

7. "Where are the squirrels I was promised?" *extreme side eye*

arnithe_dog / Via

8. "This is some real hipster bullshit coffee right here."

taco_minnie / Via

9. "You woke me up from my nap for this bullshit?"

molliethepuggle / Via

10. "So water torture is funny to you?"

bentley_and_coral / Via

11. "This is one bullshit haircut right here."

cocothashorkie / Via

12. "This better not be some grain-free bullshit."

courtneyhelene / Via

13. "Enough. Just give me the damn ball."

ariatheaussiee / Via

14. "Bullshit. You did not finish the scarf."

janjanwuwu / Via

15. "You're going to Instagram me as a dog nun again? Really?"

thekimbergler / Via

16. "Please tell your tiny human to release me from this bullshit cage."

linc119 / Via

17. "These are bullshit hats."

thickbrooklyndiva / Via

18. "You're pulling me into your selfie? Wow, this is some bullshit right here."

ondrejpedropetrak / Via

19. "Bah humbug."

thundercrackers / Via

20. "You expect me to sit here while you ride your bike? Bullshit."

thundercrackers / Via

21. "You can't find me? Bullshit. I'm right here."

nickrowley / Via

22. "You trust me? This cone says bullshit."

gerradhall / Via

23. "Now this is some sandy bullshit."

besweetblue / Via

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