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9 Things To Invest In Now That You Are Broke On #BlackMonday

Gotta get that $$$$

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Twitter dubbed today #BlackMonday after stock markets all over the world suffered ginormous declines. In the U.S., the Dow plummeted 1000 points immediately after opening.

Richard Drew / AP

Don't cry over your disappearing money. Twitter is here tell you the right ways to invest!

1. Invest in GOLD!

Dow drops 1000 in the 1st few minutes of trading? Time to buy gold...

2. Invest in oil!

If you have some money to invest now is a GREAT time to invest in oil (its also a bad time to invest in a lot of other things) #BlackMonday

After all, oil is black, so it seems appropriate.

Paramount Vantage/Miramax / Via

3. Photos of panicked men on Wall Street.

#BlackMonday Insider tip. Nows the time to invest in royalty free images of stressed men looking at computer monitors

ThinkStock's investment in these photos is sure paying off.

Richard Drew / AP
Michael Probst / AP

4. Invest in Art.

#BlackMonday Invest in Art and enjoy it

You never know. A pretty painting today could be worth MILLIONS tomorrow.

Comedy Central / Via

5. When money is tight, booze is always a smart investment.


Soon you'll have forgotten about all the $$$ you just lost.

6. Or go healthy, and invest in eating right and exercise.

Now that you've crashed out on #BlackMonday, time to invest in yourself & eating healthy with the #MediterraneanDiet

Now that you've skimmed away all those nasty greenbacks, you can actually swim laps in your pool!

7. Best get some coupons.

The stock market is crashing - invest in coupons! #BlackMonday #coupons -

Invest in savings (and royalty).

8. Fantasy Football.

this is why my investment strategy come September is to get liquid, and invest in Fantasy Football #BlackMonday #FantasyFootball @DraftKings

Maybe bet on the Seahawks?

"@LordReebs: Never forget that fantasy football doesn't care about your feelings. " Lost a lot of money on this play


Invest in sleeping!!who care why happens♥ #BlackMonday

Given that the Dow just rebounded by 750 points, this was probably the best advice.

Universal / Via

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