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Do You Have The Most Horrifying Cable Company Customer Service Story?

Like a good summer camp, everybody has a different horror story, and yet they all end the same: nothing happens.

If you've ever set up internet or cable at a new home, you've had to deal with the cable company.

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It's no secret cable companies are notoriously bad at customer service.

Dealing with them is emotionally taxing. We all go through three stages when talking to them: frustration, anger, and despondency.

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When will they come to fix your cable? It's hard to say. Are you available next Thursday from 8am-7pm?

@Verizon this is your customer service? I probably got 50 I idk's until I realize it hasn't been scheduled #verizon

Sometimes you try for customer service and they're just NOT THERE.

@TWC You call this customer service? TERRIBLE.

Verizon customer service contact page from the. Had to use cell data because no internet again, this is gettin old.

"Bed time bye"

@TWC I tried to UPGRADE my internet but was denied by customer service. Ridiculous. Think it's time for @VerizonFiOS

And sometimes, they're too honest about what they think of your complaining, Asshole Brown.

So please, comment below and share you cable horror stories with us all. And then maybe, just maybe, we can feel a little less alone.

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