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19 Things Everyone Who Owns A Flip Phone In 2015 Knows To Be True

There's nothing wrong with kickin' it with the classic. #Nokia4life

1. It sucks getting the same reaction every time you pull out your flip phone:

2. But yes, this is a flip phone, and YES, they do still exist:

3. Phone companies continue to sell them (even though they also throw mad shade):

4. Not that flip-phone people care. You're all just jealous because with the flip phone, I'm walking nostalgia:

5. And I'm not the only one:


6. It's kinda cool that it's impossible to read any emojis on texts so people gotta stick with the classics :-)

7. Guess what? Some celebrities have flip phones:

8. I mean if Rihanna has one it's definitely cool:

i saw rihanna fenty wearing an orange fur coat with a flip phone so i got an orange fur coat and a flip phone

9. Besides, smartphones break SO easily.

10. But flip phones last FOREVER. Forget gorilla glass, these babies are made from pure steel.

11. Smartphones can do much more, but isn't most of that just a distraction that wastes your time?

12. Admittedly some of us were forced back into flip phone-hood.

13. And yes, there are some downsides. You have to be careful how angrily you close the phone, because you might just rip it in half:

14. But you know even people with smartphones miss that flip.

15. How could they not? You can't end a conversation with dramatic flair with a smartphone:


16. With a smartphone, you can't answer a call this fierce:

Warner Bros. Pictures

17. Sliding phone remain very cool, very chill.

Warner Bros. Pictures

18. And if you're sitting there with a smartphone, you know you miss this:

19. Haters are gonna hate, but they can't deny the truth. The flip phone is back, bitches.


This post was inspired byJessica Celli, BuzzFeed <3's you!

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