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23 Lines From True Detective To Use In Any Situation

"Everything is fucking."

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1. When you are about to enter a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese:


2. When the solution to too many drugs is more drugs:

3. When you're not scared of the dark anymore so you turn off your Mickey Mouse nightlight:


4. When people tell you to stop worrying about getting laid:


5. When no one can agree on what to watch on Netflix:


6. When you find out that Mary actually liked you back in tenth grade:

7. When random men on the street tell you to "smile":

8. When your friend just got a new super soaker and will not chill out:

9. When you finally get to say this awesome pun you've been working on for weeks, but it doesn't really land the way you had hoped:

10. When you meet the love of your life:


11. When you get a neck cramp and you just need a break:


12. When someone pulls that "Look over there" trick on you so you've got to get them back:

13. When you JUST miss your train and you're like why does the world hate me:


14. When you're talking to your grandparents:


15. When that guy you've been seeing for two weeks professes his love to you:

16. When you upgrade your package with Time Warner Cable:

17. When you see the kid that was popular in high school is now a huge asshole:

18. When everyone's talking about Pluto but you're like why:

19. When you're considering coming out but you're not sure how:

20. When you're 13 and your mom is your only friend:

21. When people ask why you're not coming to the party:

22. When your BFF tries to take you to Free Fridays at MoMA:


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