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    27 Struggles Working Mums Know To Be True

    No, we can't have it all.

    1. Going back to work is something you start to dread pretty much from the day your baby is born.

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    Denial is a beautiful thing.

    2. Looking for childcare is straight up terrifying.

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    You're expected to leave your flesh and blood with someone you've met, like, twice? Pffft.

    3. The first morning you drop your kid off feels like losing a limb.

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    4. A short but effective cry on the way to work is to be expected.

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    Don't forget to pack tissues.

    5. Although a hot cup of coffee and an adult conversation are nice for a change.

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    Plus you get to pee without an audience, which is new and exciting.

    6. Sneaking glances at your phone pics throughout the day will keep you going.

    7. But you worry that your child is calling someone else mama at any given moment.

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    8. Missing milestones, like first steps, is a sad fact of your working mum life.

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    9. A voice inside your head accuses you of paying someone else to raise your kid.

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    Hey, keep it down.

    10. Nothing is more frightening that seeing the name of your childcare provider flash up on your phone.



    11. You feel guilty that you’re not going to be the one to kiss bumped knees and wipe away tears.

    12. Even if you’re in the office for fewer hours or less days, your workload remains the same.


    Funny that.

    13. The weeks – and weekends – fly by even faster now.

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    And you didn't think that was possible.

    14. Your commute is the only “me time” you ever get.

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    Because mornings and evenings take chaotic to the next level.

    15. Holidays are no longer for actual holidays.

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    You need to keep them for when your kid gets sick.

    16. And childcare = germs = lots of sickness.

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    Although it's good for the immune system, or so you hear.

    17. The only way to get dinner on the table is to start planning over breakfast.

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    The freezer is your friend. So is the slow cooker.

    18. Even if the weather forecast is on your side, hanging out a load of laundry at 7am rarely ends well.

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    Oh cool, rain.

    19. Online food shopping is your saviour.


    Without it you'd all starve.

    20. In the evening, there’s a good chance your kid will smell like another woman’s perfume.

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    Yup, you're being cheated on.

    21. You can get over it though.

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    22. You spend a good portion of Sunday evening planning for the week ahead.


    You never knew you could be so organised.

    23. Sometimes you envy stay at home mums.

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    Other times you don't, because you like going out to work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    24. Bedtime, and its cuddles, is suddenly sacred.

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    You wouldn't miss it for the world.

    25. Weekends are so precious you can’t fathom doing anything other than hanging with your family.


    "Sorry I can't make your wedding, I have, er, plans."

    26. Bank Holidays give you life.

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    A whole extra day to hang with your pint-sized pal!

    27. Juggling motherhood with your career is tricky, but on good days you feel like Wonder Woman.

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    And the less said about the bad ones, the better.

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