23 Easy Ways To Keep Your Toddler Busy On A Rainy Day

    Unless you just want to watch Frozen again?

    1. Make rainbow rice.

    2. Try a photo scavenger hunt.

    3. Try a colour hunt.

    4. Get messy!

    5. Make play dough.

    6. Build a kick-ass den.

    7. Go pom pom colour sorting.

    8. Get creative with stickers.

    9. Try balloon tennis.

    10. Make face magnets.

    11. Make an indoor obstacle course.

    12. Make an indoor sandpit.

    13. Paint the windows.

    14. Give eyedropper art a go.

    15. Do some apple stamping.

    16. Practice some pouring.

    17. Try ice excavation.

    18. Make some slime.

    19. Play dress up.

    20. Try tracing.

    21. Design a masking tape racetrack.

    22. Make alphabet soup.

    23. Sod it and go puddle jumping.