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16 Reasons To Vote For Thalia Anguiano


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1. She could potentially be the shortest Student Body President ever.

2. Thalia cares about the student body and Drake.

3. She started an organization on campus, if that doesn't scream leadership I don't know what does.

4. Thalia currently serves on the Senate as one of the Diversity Interest Senators.

5. Thalia also serves the student body in others ways too, such as working in the Student Life Center.

6. She speaks Spanish and is a Spanish Lab Assistant and could help YOU with your Spanish homework.

7. She could potentially be the first Latina we have in office...EVER.

8. Thalia doesn't do things for the title but rather because she cares.

9. She wants to and has been working with President Martin on issues here on campus.

10. Thalia represented Drake at an International Leadership Association in Barcelona, Spain last semester.

11. She wants you all to be represented in the best way possible.

12. Thalia has a platform of four points, different from the typical three #unique

13. Thalia wants to be YOUR Student Body President because the student body needs a strong advocate to voice the needs, wants and concerns of the students.

14. She is doing this not only for the student body that has helped her grow, but also for her family in response to all the sacrifices they have made for her to be at Drake.

15. Thalia has made relationships across the university such as with senior level administrators and President Martin and being an advocate, this is VITAL to the efficiency of the position.

16. Her experience isn't through an elected position on Senate, it's LIVED.

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Still not convinced? Check out her video!

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