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Oct 2014
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    sarahb4a06edf40 commented on What's The Creepiest Paranormal Experience You've Ever Had?

    My parents built our house across the street from a graveyard in 1993. I was 1 and my sister was 15. Her and my mom ended up both moving out by the time I was 6 so I lived there with just my dad for most of my life. When I was around 11 I started to see and hear weird things in the… 

    8 months ago

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    sarahb4a06edf40 commented on If You Did At Least 45 Of These 69 Things Then You Were A "Peak Late-'90s Teen Girl"

    I took m 9 yr old step daughter to buy her first ever stick of deodorant and I was 100% surprised.. no.. SHOCKED when I couldn't find teen spirit. I thought that was a right of passage.

    1 year ago

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