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    • sarahb201

      I was was about 14 when I started becoming super interested in cooking but I had no idea what I was doing… My friend and I decided to make spoonbread (like a cornbread casserole) for dinner one night. The recipe called for something like 3 minced cloves of garlic. We didn’t know what the “clove” part of the garlic was - decided it was the whole bulb. We also decided that garlic powder would be an appropriate substitute for said minced cloves, and that 2 tbsp would be approximately one “clove.” Put 6 tbsp of garlic powder into the spoonbread… My brother had to leave the table to be sick and both of my parents looked completely horrified. They bought me cooking classes for the next holiday! I ended up starting my own catering company a few years later - and I refuse to use garlic powder in food preparation ever.

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