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22 Reasons Why Zellers Was Actually Better Than Target

Baby come back.

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Target recently dumped Canada, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and sad abandoned stores all across this great country.

And this isn't the first time Canadians have been left without a bright red department store to depend on for everything from clothes to video games to Coffee Crisps.

Let's take a moment to remember Zellers, the original red department store, and why it was a million times better than Target ever was.

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1. The second you walked through those doors, you were greeted by the most beautiful and sparkly ride imaginable.

Which was perfectly situated right beside the candy and sticker machines.

2. And you never really got tired of riding it tbh.

*throws quarters*

3. The store also had some pretty sweet membership programs that included FREE MILK AND COOKIES.

Which made you feel like Santa all year round.

4. And the adult membership was pretty cool, too.

You were rich... in Zeller points.

5. And yeah, Zellers didn't have a fancy Starbucks inside, but it did have the coolest diner ever.

It's seriously depressing how many Instagram opportunities this place missed out on.

6. Because when wandering those vast aisles started to make you hungry, Zellers had your back.

And also served up a killer grilled cheese and chocolate milk combo.

7. And sure, maybe Zellers didn't have the prettiest signage, but it got the job done.

8. It was honest and didn't try to impress or fool you with elaborate marketing efforts.

Mhmm chemicals.

9. And yeah, yeah, we know. It wasn't the most organized place ever – however, those giant bins on the ground did make it easy to scope out the newest DVDs.

And shoes?

10. It's actually nice to see all the products laid out for everyone to see.

Even if it was on the floor.

11. Let's not forget about some of the incredible finds that you could only get there.

12. And how if they were out of what you wanted, you could always get a rain check.

Especially important for the newest Barbies.

13. It was straight-up an integral part of your upbringing.

14. And was responsible for starting so many young modeling careers.

RIP Zellers photo studio.

15. When you got a little older, it was the place you would go with friends to kill time.

And exercise your right to be hooligans.

16. I mean, you definitely would not be able to get away with this shit in a Target.

18. It was common to see its illuminated sign with a missing letter or broken bulb, but that simply made the place even more endearing.

19. And last but not least, there was Zeddy!

Target didn't have its mascot wandering the aisles, did it now?

20. And he was always down for a surprise cameo at a birthday party!

Making memories left and right.

21. So Zellers, Canada wants you to know that it's real sorry. Please accept this formal apology letter:

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22. And we want you to know that we will never forget you.

All in favour of replacing all the old abandoned Targets with Zellers say “aye!”