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Posted on Apr 22, 2017

Would You Make A Good Witness?

Because a criminal is on the loose!

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Look at the image below and memorize the photos AND the details. You will soon be tested on this information. The image will only be visible for only 60 SECONDS!

Got it? Let’s see how powerful and accurate your memory is.

Time's up!

The police are now questioning you about the incident in order to catch the suspect. Your mission is to answer their questions as ACCURATELY as possible.

  1. What street were you
     on when you first saw the smoke? 

  2. Did you get a good look at the man running from the building? 

  3. Another witness told us they saw TWO men running from the building.

    Are you sure you
    saw only one man? 

  4. Could you describe him to us in detail? 

  5. Do you remember what color his hair was?

  6. And did you see what he was wearing? 

  7. The officer raises an eyebrow and begins scribbling in her notebook.
    Was he wearing glasses?

  8. If you had to guess, what color eyes did he have? 

  9. OK, great. That helps us build a composite sketch to circulate around the area.

    Now, did you see which direction he turned going down the alley? 

  10. And did you see
     what kind of vehicle he got into? 

  11. Can you remember what color it was?

  12. Hmm. That contradicts another witness's account of the vehicle. Now, let’s finish up. 

    Could you see which state license plate was on the car?  

  13. And finally, did you catch anything off the license plate? 

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