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This Viral Tweet About Pens Is Dividing The Internet, And I Want To Know Where YOU Stand

I hate to be that person, but I'm seriously judging anyone who picks #7.

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The time has come! We have another seemingly mundane object to FIGHT over, and it's at the center of an intense debate over on Twitter right now.

Woman angrily gesturing from behind a receptionist's desk

This photo and question tweeted by @Chris_Grosse has struck a chord deep within people, and they have VERY strong opinions about it.

OK, you can only write with ONE type of pen for the rest of your life, which one are you picking? (ignoring the ink color)

Twitter: @Chris_Grosse

Some have a soft spot for the reliability that pen #6 offers:

@Chris_Grosse A beautiful question with a clear answer. It's 6. Satisfying amount of resistance on the paper, works on matte and glossy surfaces, gives your signature the proper amount of gravitas. Ahhhh!

Twitter: @davidrisherWR

Others have committed to #5 and refuse to be swayed in any other direction:

@Chris_Grosse Already made this decision for life. The answer is 5.

Twitter: @nick_underhill

And you can't ignore the cushiony comfort that only pen #3 can provide:

@Chris_Grosse Not enough love for #3 here.

Twitter: @aetiology

While these seven pens are in the "official running," some people have started to reply with some other *pen contenders* that were absent from the original photo.

Like this choice some say is the *ahem* clear winner:

Twitter: @CregStephenson

And let's give an honorable mention to this pen I haven't seen for 20 years:

@Chris_Grosse Genuinely the only pen I ever want.

Twitter: @RobForbesDJ

And personally, I'm a fan of the pizzazz of the legendary MEGA-PEN:

A multicolored, multi-ink pen

But let's get back to the question at hand...