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Here’s What’s Trending On Amazon In Canada This Week

This week: Pokémon pins, laptop cases, and sloths!

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Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers which curates items that are ~trending~ in Canada.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

2. An essential oil diffuser with mood lights that also doubles as a humidifier ($38.99).

Promising review: "I love the wood tone of this diffuser and the way it looks. It's large enough to send the scent around a small room. There is a glowing light that can turn on separately and you can set it to change colours or hold on a specific colour. This also has the ability to turn off automatically after 1 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours so you can set it and forget it."–Regular Customer

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3. A 36-pack of plastic pouches that will help you create homemade and delicious ice pops ($9.99).

Promising review: "It's been a great substitution to sugar-filled freezies. We make smoothies, water it down (or use coconut water) and fill the zipzicle. I reuse them too, instead of disposing."–Brandi Vanbocquestal

Get them here.


4. This magical paperback book that is considered required reading for anyone who self-identifies as a wizard ($7.99).

Promising review: "If you've read all the Harry Potter books, or even a few of them, and would like to know more about the Wizard World in which Harry, his friends, and millions of other wizards get to live, this book is a must to buy."–Omnes

Get it here.

5. This sleek MacBook Air case that will keep your laptop both stylish and safe ($24.99).

Promising review: "I'm loving this case! It snaps on quickly and feels very secure on my macbook. And the best part? It's thin enough that my apple logo still shins through."–AppleBlossomTree

Get it here.

6. An adorable cloth pencil case that looks like you threw your backpack in the dryer ($11.00).

Promising review: "After having to retire my rather clunky and cumbersome handmade pencil pouch last year, I was in market for searching for a pouch that would be easy to grab along with my sketchbook (and to match my bookbag.) Overall, I would highly recommend this if you want a pouch that's stylish, cute, and holds up quite well with copious amounts of things stored!"–✮+natsu-chan+✮

Get it here.

7. These ~weird~ nail clips that help remove gel polish off ​of your ​nails​ without having to do them one by one ($3.86).

Promising review: "They do the job better than foils for soaking off gel polish. I can apply all 10 to both hands by myself. Product exactly as advertised."–Amazon Customer

Get them here.

8. A cute sloth plush that is perfect for kids *or* adults who need some more snuggles in their life ($19.99).

Promising review: "I love sloths! I am an adult and bought this for me. It is so cute and so very soft. My biggest challenge will be keeping it safe from my dog who loves stuffed animals. Highly recommend this for all sloth lovers!"–Di

Get it here.

9. A bottle of honey bubble bath that will keep you feelin' fresh without irritating your eyes ($9.97).

Promising review: "Best bubble bath product ever. Subtle honey smell that is not aggressive to the nose. Leaves the skin baby-smooth. Love it!"–meggie

Get it here.