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    18 Photos That Prove Giant Tiger Is The Weirdest Store Ever

    "Snakes on a train."

    1. This fantastic deal:

    2. This contemporary masterpiece:

    3. This aromatic candle:

    4. This classy stand-up ashtray:

    5. This handy device:

    6. This product for pyros:

    7. This footwear selection:

    8. This gazebo FOR ANTS:

    9. And this chair for giants:

    10. This elegant water glass:

    11. This cute kitchen accessory:

    12. This unique kitchenware:

    13. And this festive one:

    14. These gorgeous garden orbs:

    15. These ~health and beauty~ products:


    16. This totally legit movie:

    17. This name brand cereal:

    18. And lastly, whatever this is.