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17 Canadian Foods That Will Make You Say “WTF"

Pork spread?

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We recently asked Canadian members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the weirdest creations they’ve come across in the country. Here are some of the most *ahem* unique delights that Canadians feast on:

3. Jiggs dinner and blueberry duff

"A heaping plate of chicken/turkey/roast, dressing, salted beef, potatoes, turnip, carrots, cabbage, and blueberry duff. Blueberry duff is kind of like a cake you make in a butter tub that you put on top of the veggies in the boiling pot. And it's all smothered in gravy."



Sugar pie

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: watchmojo

“Maple sugar pie is my new favourite dessert. It’s a French Canadian thing and super delicious. It’s like a giant butter tart without raisins. It’s basically like, 'Eff you fruit pies, we skip the pretending-to-be-healthy step and just admit it, pie = sugar.’"

—Teresa Janelle (Facebook)


11. Fries with "dressing" and gravy

@Kel9118 / Via Twitter: @Kel9118

"Dressing is essentially our [Newfoundland’s] version of turkey stuffing, but way better. Also cut-up hotdog wieners because why the hell not. It's the absolute best combo after a night on George Street."


13. Tourtière

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: crd

"Uhm, so there is a ground beef (or any meat) pie called Tourtière and my entire family calls it 'French Torture.' It's actually pretty freaking delicious, but who names food after such a ravenous act?"



16. BONUS: Sourtoe cocktail (a real severed human toe that’s been pickled and put into a glass of whiskey)

Sourtoe Cocktail Club / Via Facebook: SourtoeCocktailClub

—Arturo Calvo (Facebook)

(No, don’t worry, you don’t actually consume the toe itself.)

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