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    17 Canadian Foods That Will Make You Say “WTF"

    Pork spread?

    We recently asked Canadian members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the weirdest creations they’ve come across in the country. Here are some of the most *ahem* unique delights that Canadians feast on:

    1. Poutine râpée (boiled potato dumpling with a pork filling)

    @ECVManon / Via Twitter: @ECVManon

    "Nothing too crazy, but poutine râpée does look pretty weird. We call them 'snotballs'!"


    2. Cretons

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: puresugar

    "It's like a fatty spiced pork spread usually eaten on toast. Popular in Quebec breakfast."


    3. Jiggs dinner and blueberry duff

    "A heaping plate of chicken/turkey/roast, dressing, salted beef, potatoes, turnip, carrots, cabbage, and blueberry duff. Blueberry duff is kind of like a cake you make in a butter tub that you put on top of the veggies in the boiling pot. And it's all smothered in gravy."


    4. Oreilles de crisse

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mathoov

    "It's basically deep-fried pig fat that we dip in maple syrup."

    —Ria Sdrakas (Facebook)

    5. Kraft dinner with ketchup

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: travosaurus

    "KD with ketchup and grilled cheese with ketchup? We seem to be a ketchup-positive country."

    —Ariel Melissa (Facebook)

    6. Prairie oysters (bull testicles)

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: wallyg

    "I tried them. Not that bad. But still tastes like an organ. Definitely an acquired taste."

    —Robert Buth (Facebook)

    7. Toutons

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: st3wy

    "Toutons from Newfoundland! You make fresh bread dough and roll it into balls and fry them in oil until brown. Then you dip them in maple syrup or molasses."


    8. Lay's Cinnamon Bun Chips

    Candy Canada / Via

    "Surprisingly delicious!!!"


    9. Cow’s Creamery Chocolate-Covered Chips

    COWS / Via

    "Weird, but good AF."


    10. Moose heart (a roasted moose heart with stuffing)

    @MaiseyFinancial / Via Twitter: @MaiseyFinancial



    Sugar pie

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: watchmojo

    “Maple sugar pie is my new favourite dessert. It’s a French Canadian thing and super delicious. It’s like a giant butter tart without raisins. It’s basically like, 'Eff you fruit pies, we skip the pretending-to-be-healthy step and just admit it, pie = sugar.’"

    —Teresa Janelle (Facebook)

    11. Fries with "dressing" and gravy

    @Kel9118 / Via Twitter: @Kel9118

    "Dressing is essentially our [Newfoundland’s] version of turkey stuffing, but way better. Also cut-up hotdog wieners because why the hell not. It's the absolute best combo after a night on George Street."


    12. Persians

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: istargazer

    "Anyone from Thunder Bay can vouch for these doughnut-cake hybrids! Think a Boston cream doughnut without the filling, covered with a pink strawberry icing."


    13. Tourtière

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: crd

    "Uhm, so there is a ground beef (or any meat) pie called Tourtière and my entire family calls it 'French Torture.' It's actually pretty freaking delicious, but who names food after such a ravenous act?"


    14. Pickerel cheeks (pan-fried fish ​cheeks)

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: travelmanitoba

    15. Poutine burritos

    @SmokesBurrito / Via Twitter: @SmokesBurrito

    "Because poutine isn't enough, we have to have it in wraps for easier consumption."


    16. BONUS: Sourtoe cocktail (a real severed human toe that’s been pickled and put into a glass of whiskey)

    Sourtoe Cocktail Club / Via Facebook: SourtoeCocktailClub

    —Arturo Calvo (Facebook)

    (No, don’t worry, you don’t actually consume the toe itself.)

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