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People Are Sharing Animal Species That They *Just* Found Out Existed And I Seriously Had Nooooo Idea

"I just learned about Damascus goats about two weeks ago, and wish so badly that I could go back in time and unlearn them. That's nightmare fuel, right there."

Reddit user Kanute3333 recently asked, "What animal did you last discover (for yourself) for the first time in your life? Animals whose existence was unknown to you before your discovery?" and I've genuinely never heard of any of them before.

But now it's your turn. Have you seen these animals before? Let's find out!

1. "A dik-dik. I honestly thought it was a Photshopped photo the first time I saw one."

2. "Tanuki, also known as the Japanese raccoon dog. I honestly thought they were a made up animal until I saw one in a zoo. Blew my mind."

3. "Hummingbird moths. They look so... unreal. It's like seeing a distorted, oddly cute animatronic that is somehow able to levitate."

4. "Pangolins. They're like anteaters who are cosplaying as dragons."

5. "I just learned about Damascus goats about two weeks ago, and wish so badly that I could go back and unlearn them. That's nightmare fuel, right there."

6. "Sun bears. They look too weird to be bears."

7. "Shoebill stork. I just saw a video of it and I thought it was some sort of animatronic robot and then learned it’s a real thing. Truly terrifying."

8. "The gharial. I didn't think they were a thing until about two weeks ago!! Thin snouted crocodile? What whaat?"

9. "Geoducks. It sounds like a Pokémon. It's a clam and looks super phallic. If there is a creator, they where tripping mad balls when they made this thing."

10. "A bearcat, also known as the binturong. I always thought they were just made up creatures for high school and college mascots. They're real."

11. "Tasmanian devil."

12. "Saiga antelope. They look like elk with floppy noses."

13. "A nutria. I saw a video of what I thought was a beaver at first, but then saw the tail."

14. "I didn't think wolverines were real animals until recently. And all I know about them without googling is that they exist, and aren't just a sports mascot."

15. "Caecilians. They're enormous and look like giant worms or snakes."

16. "About a year ago I discovered red pandas. I’m in my late 40s."

17. "I recently learned about the Axolotl or “Mexican walking fish”. They’re pretty cool looking, but unfortunately they’re also critically endangered."

18. "Javelinas. A friend in Arizona was telling me about an encounter she had with one."

19. "Moray Snowflake Eel. I never knew they existed!"

20. "The last animal I discovered was a tapir. I had no idea what they were until I saw one at a zoo."

21. "Bombardier beetles. They spray literal acid from their butts. They're awesome."

22. "Spotted skunks. I had only ever seen striped ones before."

23. "I just found out narwhals aren’t mythical creatures like unicorns. I’m 48."

And finally...

24. "Tardigrades. They're also known as water bears." They are microscopic, eight-legged animals.

Now, it's your turn! What's an animal that you recently discovered? Comment below!