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Why "Math Circus" Is The Most Important Game Of Our Generation

It's time.

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It was a series of circus-themed mini games that taught us everything we ever needed to know about math, and more importantly, everything we needed to know about ourselves.

It was a game that challenged you. I mean, after increasing to harder levels, games that you previously thought were for babies would suddenly GET REAL.

And most of the other games were only easy because you would play them 500 times and learn from trial and error.

Greygum Software

Putting your finger on the screen for the canon game also helped a lot.

And you spent hours trying to save Marvel The Magician from that evil witch, by avoiding dragons and whatever the hell that lion creature was.

Greygum Software

Hello? We need more backstory here. Are we in love with Marvel? Will this help me with my multiplication quiz next week?

Finally, after risking your life to save Marvel, he would reward you with a handshake. A HANDSHAKE.

But besides that, Math Circus always gave you what you wanted: An excuse to use the computer while pretending to learn stuff.

Greygum Software

When in reality, everyone knew you were having the goddamn TIME OF YOUR LIFE.

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