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We Asked People To Share The Stories Behind Their Canada Tattoos

Happy Canada Day!

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1. "This a tattoo of one of my ancestors Louis Riel, a Métis rebel leader and the founder of Manitoba." – nikitab41324ecc1

"It even includes indigenous plants, flowers, and animals to Manitoba which is the province I was born in."

2. "The Canadian coat of arms fits nicely with the theme of my arm sleeve, and showcases my patriotic attitude." – James Huyler via email

James Huyler

"My full arm sleeve is dedicated to my heritage – a Bahamian stamp from the year that my father was born, my grandmother's and mother's favorite flowers, and the Canadian (and Bahamian) coat of arms to honour my heritage."


3. "I went to school in the USA to play soccer and was the token Canadian chick – proud of it! The tattoo was a symbol of my obnoxious Canadian pride!" – shadias2

4. "Canadian flag ripping out of my skin, deep down always a proud Canadian!" – travisj4835194a1

5. "My first tattoo!" – Julia Donier via Facebook

7. "Got this the day I moved away from Ottawa. I lived there for 4 years and miss it everyday" – meaghanhannah

@BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeedCanada my O tattoo for Ottawa 🍁

8. "I call this one my birthmark. Subtle and sweet, just like this amazing country I'm proud to call my homeland." – Aly Singh via Facebook

9. "I got this because I’m proud to be Canadian. I like to wear my heart on my sleeve and let people know who and what I am. It not only represents where I’m from but also my family, my beliefs, and my home." – c4afd39957

c4afd39957 / Via

"This was my first tattoo and I got it for my 18th birthday. My mom got a massive one on her back for her 50th birthday with two twigs intertwining to sprout three maple leaves. Her tattoo represents my parents and us, their three kids."

10. "My heart is forever in Vancouver." – raelew77

11. "My paternal grandparents are from Scotland and I was born on Canada day." – Nicole Spence via email

Nicole Spence

"It's a tattoo I've wanted since I was about 15 and finally 6 years ago for my 21st birthday I got it done. Couldn't be happier with it!"

12. "This tattoo is more specifically “Ontarian” than Canadian. The circle is for the area where I grew up and I try to visit as much as I possibly can." – immicaylab

immicaylab / Via

"There’s nothing I find more beautiful than the nature in Northern Ontario."

14. "This represents the three Canadian cities that have had the most impact on my upbringing (Winnipeg, Ottawa and Sudbury) and I wear it with pride." – Jordan Ercit via Facebook


15. "I have snowflakes because of my love of snow with the government of Canada design because if it’s simplicity and awesomeness" – jojob4bede04b9

17. "My tattoo is a combination of Canada, my grandmother and best friend." – brydons

brydons / Via

"Unfortunately my grandmother and best friend are gone but never forgotten. I have them immortalized them on me forever and I’m proud that this combination makes me who I am today."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.


Do you have a Canadian-inspired tattoo? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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