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People Are Pointing Out "Unrealistic Things" That Always Appear In Movies, And Now I Can't Unsee Them

"Breakfast scenes in American shows or movies. The mom makes a big spread with pancakes, bacon and eggs, and all that stuff. Just for someone to pick up a slice of toast and rush off. I'd be super pissed."

Reddit user u/Vaydn recently asked, "What isn't like it is in the movies?" and the comments came flooding in!

Here are the top-voted responses:

1. "Ripping out your IV is a terrible idea."

A man with eyes wide open in a hospital bed

2. "When they hack a computer and it's like 'Access denied.' 'Override.' 'Oh, ok. Since you put it that way. Access granted.'”


3. "Breakfast scenes in American shows or movies. The mom makes a big spread with pancakes, bacon and eggs, and all that stuff. Just for someone to pick up a slice of toast and rush off. I'd be super pissed."

Screenshot from "Wedding Crashers"

4. "Carrying an unconscious person. I found out the hard way when my wife was sick and fainted. An unconscious body is surprisingly limp and slippery. Try to lift them by the armpits? Nope, that just makes the arms flail and they'll slip right through your fingers. Try to lift them from under the knees and around the back? Nope, their back won't stay stiff enough, and their ass will just sink to the floor. Not to mention their head is rolling around the whole time."


5. "Digging a grave. Soil is SO MUCH harder and heavier to move."

A nurse digging a hole

6. "Car accidents. People don’t just lightly bleed from their heads then die. They are some of the goriest, most traumatic deaths I've seen."


7. "Prison being exciting. A friend of mine told me that prison is unbelievably boring. He spent most of his time reading books."

A woman behind bars with her hands up, like she's singing a song and doing jazz hands

8. "A cough is not usually the sign of a terminal illness."


9. "Driving. Unlike in the movies, you really have to pay attention to the road. Parking, too. It’s very rare to get a space just outside where you need to be."

A man driving a car

10. "In movies they never say 'goodbye' on the phone; they just hang up."


"They also never say when or where for the meet-ups, either."


11. "Basically, everything about guns. Drywall and furniture don't stop bullets. Also, reloading is a thing."

Screenshot from "Scarface"

12. "Walking into a bar and the news is showing a story about your exact situation."


"'Hey, are you watching the news?' and then the other person turns on the TV, and the reporter just so happens to be explaining everything from the beginning."


13. "Waking up. You do NOT wake up fully refreshed, dressed, hair done, and the blankets are still neat on the bed."

Screenshot from "Marie Antoinette"

14. "Taking matters into your own hands to defeat an entire group of criminals."


15. "CPR. The chances of someone recovering from chest compressions and breaths alone are very slim. The character always 'comes to' or is revived right when all the other doctors (except for one) gives up."

A man giving a woman CPR

16. "Going through glass. That shit is dangerous as hell. Potential major lacerations every time. Speaking from my experience."


17. "Foreplay. All they do is rip off each other's clothes and slam each other into the walls."

A man and woman kissing

18. "They remove the headrests from cars in movies so you can see the actor better."


19. "Blackjack dealers are not sleight of hand masters with the ability to magic up wins. They are as surprised at the cards coming out as anyone."

A man gambling

20. "People who are teachers or have low-paying jobs owning massive homes or luxurious apartments in cities like NYC or San Francisco."


And finally...

21. "I found the Air Bud series really set unrealistic standards for dogs."

A golden retriever wearing sunglasses

Now, it's your turn! What's something that isn't like it is in movies or TV shows? Comment below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.