Lilly “Superwoman” Singh's Guide To Finding Your Own Unicorn Island

    Unicorn Island = your happy place.

    If there's one thing Lilly "Superwoman" Singh, Canadian YouTuber and Ultimate Unicorn, knows for sure, it's how to make the world seem a little less terrible.

    We recently caught up with Lilly at the Toronto debut of her documentary A Trip To Unicorn Island, where she revealed to us how to get to your very own Unicorn Island, aka your happy place.

    So buckle up. Here are Lilly's 6 Steps To Finding Your Own Unicorn Island:

    Whenever you have a bad day...

    1. Acknowledge how you're feeling and decide to take control of your mind.

    2. Close your eyes.

    3. Remember that you are worthy of happiness.

    4. And if it doesn't come easily, work on it.

    5. Don't forget to stay awesome.

    6. And come back to visit Unicorn Island whenever you need to.