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    13 Brave Turtles Who Will Inspire You To Get Out Of Your Shell

    Because there's a whole world out there.

    1. This new baby turtle who is ready to leave its warm and cozy shell to finally see what the world has to offer:

    2. And this adorable little guy who believes taking a bite out of life is the best way to enjoy it:

    3. This party animal who can't wait for you and your adorable fins to join the party:

    4. And this groovy reptile who knows that ​the world​ can be a scary place, but it’s also where all the fun happens:

    5. This mighty fella who won't give up when things get hard:

    6. And this determined slow-poke who puts herself out there again and again to try and make friends:

    7. Even though it can be really hard sometimes:

    8. But it's important that you stick to it and don't give up:

    9. And remember to just keep swimming:

    10. Because if ​you don’t embrace what makes you different…

    11. And push yourself to get out there…

    12. You may never find the little things that will fill you with joy:

    13. So get out there and live your best life!

    🐢 Weeee! 🐢

    Note: Yes, we know, this post contained tortoises too! They were just too cute not to include.