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    15 Photos Of Black Cats Who Are Actually Toothless

    Night furries!

    It was believed in How To Train A Dragon that Night Furies are some of the rarest dragons in the land… until now.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    1. Just look at this furrocious drago who is using his tail to disguise himself.

    tumb1r / Via

    2. And this jet-black poof with hypnotizing eyes who promises to never leave your side.

    Skexer / Via

    3. This timid beauty who is just trying to be on their best behaviour.

    KittanLuvr / Paramount Pictures / Via

    4. And this giant weirdo who you can't help but love unconditionally.

    HelloKira / Paramount Pictures / Via

    5. This little baby who can't wait to grow up and go on adventures with you.

    mysterywithabeautifulsmile / Via

    6. And this full-grown fluff who is more than ready to take you flying with his fully-operational tail.

    HerpDerp_5150 / Via

    7. This fierce green-eyed beauty who will stop at nothing to protect you from danger.

    HiWorld / Via

    8. And this mythical beast who is more of a laid-back kind of dragon.

    scissorsinacup / Via

    9. This sleek sidekick who believes they were hatched for the sole purpose of being your buddy.

    @hnnkml / Via Twitter: @hnnkml

    10. And this Toothless twin who is always on high alert.

    @Iovewanda / Via Twitter: @Iovewanda

    11. This gorgeous creature who is secretly the biggest goofball you'll ever meet.

    @MichaelChiklis / Via Twitter: @MichaelChiklis

    12. And this mischievous duo who will have you seeing double.

    G-Shiznit / Via

    13. This perched fluffy puff who has a habit of getting jealous easily.

    Pini16 / Via

    14. This doppelgänger who has quite the ~attitude~:

    @kingrichardtoothless3 / Via

    15. And finally, this elegant dragon who simply wants to be beast-friends-forever with you 💗.

    BloodSugarSexMorgan / Via

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