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    15 Photos Of Black Cats Who Are Actually Toothless

    Night furries!

    It was believed in How To Train A Dragon that Night Furies are some of the rarest dragons in the land… until now.

    1. Just look at this furrocious drago who is using his tail to disguise himself.

    2. And this jet-black poof with hypnotizing eyes who promises to never leave your side.

    3. This timid beauty who is just trying to be on their best behaviour.

    4. And this giant weirdo who you can't help but love unconditionally.

    5. This little baby who can't wait to grow up and go on adventures with you.

    6. And this full-grown fluff who is more than ready to take you flying with his fully-operational tail.

    7. This fierce green-eyed beauty who will stop at nothing to protect you from danger.

    8. And this mythical beast who is more of a laid-back kind of dragon.

    9. This sleek sidekick who believes they were hatched for the sole purpose of being your buddy.

    10. And this Toothless twin who is always on high alert.

    11. This gorgeous creature who is secretly the biggest goofball you'll ever meet.

    12. And this mischievous duo who will have you seeing double.

    13. This perched fluffy puff who has a habit of getting jealous easily.

    14. This doppelgänger who has quite the ~attitude~:

    15. And finally, this elegant dragon who simply wants to be beast-friends-forever with you 💗.

    Are you ready to add a furry drago to your family? You can find plenty of black cats looking for homes on Petfinder or Adopt A Pet!