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13 Orders You Didn't Know You Could Make At Tim Hortons

Toasted timbits? Seriously.

1. Tim Hortons will let you order almost anything, no matter how weirdly specific it is:

2. Want some potato goodness? Of course you do. Ask for them to throw it on your breakfast sandwich:

3. Or be sophisticated AF and infuse some tea in your drink:

4. Add flavour shots because why the hell not?

5. And dirty up your iced capp:


7. And mocha sounds too fancy. What is this? STARBUCKS? Ask for 50/50 on coffee and hot chocolate:

8. Get creative! Elevate that "soup." Make it into a bizarre culinary masterpiece:

9. And turn that scalding-hot-burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth tea into ice tea:

10. Ask them to put cheese on everything, 'cause who doesn't want more cheese:

11. And don't be afraid. Order whatever your heart desires:

12. Have a death wish? Go for the "Gretzky":

13. Or just give up and ask them to throw everything on a donut:

Have your own secret hack? Tell us about it in the comments below!