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    This Massive Hand-Crocheted Playground Is What Dreams Are Made Of

    'Cause DIY not?

    A Nova Scotian couple has designed an enormous crochet playground installation that children can climb and play on.

    Roberto Boccaccino courtesy of Enel Contemporanea

    *jaw drop*

    The installation is called Harmonic Motion and was designed, and completely hand-crocheted, by textile artists Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam and Charles MacAdam.

    Roberto Boccaccino courtesy of Enel Contemporanea

    And it's absolutely MINDBLOWING.


    The installation was originally housed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome and was dismantled in January of this year and refurbished at the Toledo Museum of Art.

    Reminder: The entire installation was crocheted BY HAND.


    Now, that's a lot of yarn!

    And it makes your local playground look like a total snoozefest.


    You have a slide? How riveting.

    I mean, it's pretty damn spectacular.

    This isn't even their first handmade playground. The couple has installed other wonderful installations in Korea, Japan, China and Singapore.

    Roberto Boccaccino courtesy of Enel Contemporanea

    And you thought knitting a scarf was a lot of work!

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