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    21 Things Only People Dating Hockey Players Will Get

    Date night? More like skate night.

    1. When you first started dating, you imagined all the cute Instagram photos you would take.

    2. But ain't nobody got time for that when weekends and sleeping in late are a thing of the past.

    3. When they go on the road for tournaments, it can suddenly feel like you're in a long distance relationship.

    4. And when they're back home, you spend all of your free time at their games.

    5. Slowly you begin to accept your fate. You will be freezing for the rest of your life.

    6. So you start dressing almost entirely in sweatpants during hockey season.

    7. Which is fine because it's warm. Speaking of warm, wearing their hockey sweater is the best feeling ever.

    8. And the worst feeling ever is standing around, awkwardly, for them to change after the game is over.

    9. If you don't like or play hockey, it's crazy hard to understand what the hell is happening on the ice. Seriously. WHAT DOES ICING MEAN?

    10. But if you do know the rules, it's really fun to yell at the refs when they put your boyfriend or girlfriend in the penalty box.

    11. You're forced to watch hockey, and only hockey.

    12. And to deal with the smell. Oh god. The smell.

    13. Your body will go into shock and you will never become immune to the revolting stench.

    14. When you're dating a hockey player, you get snapchats like this:

    15. And your room constantly looks like this:

    16. And you might get some... interesting presents on Valentine's Day.

    17. You're always worried about them getting injured.

    18. Sometimes it feels like you will always come second to hockey in their life. And it's annoying as puck.

    19. But you know that they care and will always make an effort to support you.

    20. And try their best.

    21. And, in the end, at least you know they will always ​defend​ you.