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15 Things You Didn't Know About Roll Up The Rim

Because it's not just a contest. It's a lifestyle.

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1. If you write to Tim Hortons, they will send you a free cup!

Via BuzzFeed Canada // Thinkstock / Tim Hortons

This means that there is actually no purchase required to play. There is a limit of one request per envelope with sufficient postage, while supplies last. They will also send you a copy of the contest rules.

2. Instead of simply ripping off the tab, you may be required to send them the entire cup to claim your prize.

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Last year, a woman from Newfoundland was denied a $100 gift card when she attempted to claim it because she did not include the part of the cup with the prize's PIN number. The contest rules state that they have "the right to reject any potentially winning RIM TAB if the prize message is not presented in its entirety."

4. There is an online game called RRRoll Up Replay! where you can collect points and badges. These points earn you ballots to enter you for a chance win real prizes.

Tim Hortons / Via

The prizes include free coffee for a year, $25 gift cards, and music downloads. However, you will need to collect 50,000 points in order to earn 1 ballot entry into the Tims Coffee For a Year Draw.


5. You could roll up a winning tab on a small size cup size (10 oz) in Canada, but not in the States.

@JuliaPhill / Via Twitter: @JuliaPhill

Tim Hortons locations in the States only offer contest cups in medium (15 oz), large (20 oz), or extra-large (24 oz), while Canada offers contest cups in small.


9. If you don’t have a valid driver's license (or if you're not of legal age to drive) and you roll up a winning tab for a car prize, you’re allowed to transfer the winning tab to someone else.

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You are permitted to transfer the winning tab to a spouse, parent, sibling, child or legal guardian, who will then become the eligible entrant.

11. If you buy at-home coffee products (such as single-serve brewing pods or bags of coffee), you still have a shot to win prizes.

@TBonnetteKim / Via Twitter: @TBonnetteKim

You can take a photo of your receipt for it and then upload it to the Roll Up At Home website to resister for a chance to win one of 10,000 prizes, such as packaged coffee for a year.

12. There's a well-known ~conspiracy theory~ that your odds of winning are better if you purchase a larger size cup. However, the company says size doesn't matter.

@MisterStretchy / Via Twitter: @MisterStretchy

"Our prizes are distributed randomly across all eligible cup sizes with the help of a third-party company," a rep told BuzzFeed Canada.